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Ledatex’s commitment to the environment

The fashion industry uses numerous forest products in its supply chains. Although the fashion industry is not the main cause of deforestation in the world (the most impactful activities are agriculture, livestock farming and plantations that replace primary forests), it still has a responsibility, through a thorough analysis of its purchases, to ensure the legal and sustainable origin of the forest products it uses (viscose yarns, lyocell, modal, Acetate, Bamboo). The certification that ensures that the wood comes from well-managed sources is that provided by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).

The most credible solution at international level

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 1993 to improve the management of forest resources worldwide. FSC® includes among its members environmental organisations, primary processing, wood processing and marketing industries, certification bodies, forestry communities, consumer associations, indigenous peoples’ associations and forest owners. The aim of FSC® is to promote and support beneficial management worldwide, i.e. management that respects the rights of workers and local populations and at the same time is economically sustainable.

FSC® pursues these objectives through the definition of a set of rigorous “Principles and Criteria (Standards) of Good Forest Stewardship” established and approved by FSC® itself, with the consent of the parties concerned. FSC® does not issue certifications directly but accredits certification bodies and verifies their performance. Certification bodies can issue two types of certificate, one relating to forest management, the other to product traceability (Chain of Custody).

Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody is the traceability process by which the certified origin of a forest-based product is ensured. In order for products made of cellulose from certified forests or recovered cellulose to carry the FSC® logo, all processing and handling steps must be verified and identified, from the forest or the source of recovered material to the end consumer. Only when all links have been Chain of Custody certified, then the product can carry the FSC® logo. Chain of Custody certification therefore ensures that the wood (or other cellulose-derived products, such as paper, cardboard, viscose cellulose fabrics) in the end product really comes from a certified well-managed forest or from pre- and post-consumer recovered material.

The fashion industry has often been criticised for its lack of attention to environmental and social issues. Faced with new societal expectations, operators across the industry are being pushed to change their practices and review their models, seeking solutions towards more responsible fashion. FSC is not the solution to all problems, but we are eager to work together to find a solution to the problems associated with textiles and other cellulose fibre-based products, while at the same time harnessing the potential of our target market to contribute to the sustainable management of the world’s forests. The challenge will be to direct demand towards sustainable forest products that can have a positive impact on forests and ensure that forest ecosystems meet the needs and rights of current generations without compromising those of future generations.

LEDATEX SRL has decided to guarantee its customers the production of certified fabrics from eligible inputs, to implement and maintain a chain of custody management system according to the FSC®.STD-40-004 V3.0 standard.
To this end, the company’s commitment is focused on
controlling the certification of purchased raw materials and their suppliers;
training the personnel directly involved in the Chain of Custody System and in particular the personnel involved in supply management;
suspend sales if the product does not meet the requirements of the standard applicable to the company as defined in the Chain of Custody System Manual;
use the promotional panel only in association with products that comply with the minimum characteristics required by the FSC®-STD-40-004 V3.0 standard.

LEDATEX SRL further declares, under its own responsibility, that it is not involved in activities:

– of illegal harvesting, logging or trade in timber and forestry products
that involve the violation of local traditions and human rights in relation to forestry activities;
– causing the destruction of environments of high conservation value in relation to forestry activities;
– of conversion of significant natural forest areas to plantations or other systems for non-forest use;
– the introduction of genetically modified organisms in connection with forestry activities;
– leading to the violation of the Core Conventions established by the ILO (International Labour Organisation) in the “Declaration on Fundamental Rights and Principles at Work” of 1998.

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